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2019 Tinted Vision Partners with Solar Gard for Commercial and Residential Window Film.

Summer is almost a universally happy time of year for most people. Almost. The sunshine, long days and warm nights. The cookouts with friends and family. The vacations to the beach, mountains or lake. The sound of the bat – or the beer – cracking at the ballpark. The familiar and delightful sights and sounds of summer are upon us. You can almost feel your energy and excitement increase, but something else is increasing too – your energy bill. Along with other additional summer expenses – vacations, summer camp for the kids, filling up your tank for that long road trip – the cost of keeping your home cool in the summer months can be downright crippling. Your energy bill, depending on where you live and how much you use, can double or triple in summer. And with most energy providers holding a monopoly on service, you can’t really shop around for better prices. There are, however, steps you can take to soften the financial blow while keeping your house cool.

Solar Gard home window films are a great way to create better climate control in you