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Window Film for Your Business

Protect Against Criminals, Reduce Glare, Solar Heat & More!

Tinted Vision has helped hundreds of Chicagoland businesses realize the benefits of adding window film to their commercial properties. Whether your goal is to deter criminals, anti-graffiti films, reduce glare and solar heat for your customers and staff, or add a decorative films to your business – We have a window film for you. You’ll get a free, no-hassle consultation where we’ll show you how window film can be best utilized for your business.

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Benefits of Window Film for Your Business

Your business’ windows are its weakest link and are inherently one of the easiest entry points for criminals looking to gain access to your property. However, with our safety and security window films and tints, we can transform your windows from your weakest link into a source of strength, helping to protect your home or business from threats such as break-ins and severe weather events like tornadoes and storms. Security film creates a virtually impenetrable barrier. The film is engineered to be incredibly durable and holds glass particle intacked, creating an impenetrable barrier for criminals.

Moreover, the tint qualities of window film provide exceptional glare reduction which improves the experience for your customers and staff when they enter your business.


The UV blocking properties of film also protect expensive furnishings from long-term sun exposure damage.

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